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Waterfall of Love

Have you heard the expression “You are what you eat”?  This is usually spoken in reference to our physical being, but the same is true for our soul and spirit.  This morning I heard, “You are what you rest in!”  For several months Holy Spirit has been showing me the River of His Presence, with insight to the Fruit of His Presence.  This morning He showed me this in reference to the refreshing of our soul, and our maturing to more closely “look like Jesus” to the world around us.

Holy Spirit showed me a never ending river of nine cascading waterfalls.  The first one is HUGE and it is the love of God pouring out lavishly on us.  As we stay in this waterfall, a second water fall began pouring over us, while the first water fall became even larger.  The second waterfall is Father’s joy giving us strength to fulfill our destiny.  As we allow joy to wash over us, these first two waterfalls became even larger, and a third waterfall started pouring over us – great, unspeakable peace!  As the waters of love, joy and peace carried us in His Presence, a fourth waterfall, patience, thundered around us and anxiety could not motivate or manipulate us; the whole time the first three waterfalls were increasing in size.  A fifth water fall began to pour into us, kindness and a deep repentance began to rise up with in us as each of the previous water falls increased in volume and amplitude.  Then a sixth waterfall began to flow over repentant hearts; Father’s goodness.  This water was sweet and tasted wonderful!  From the sixth waterfall a seventh began to flow revealing Father’s faithfulness to us, and creating a desire in our soul to be known as those who are faithful unto God.  As the river flowed we were now under the “new beginning” waterfall of gentleness, and the character of the Good Shepherd was being poured into us.  Only then did it become possible for us to experience the wonder of the ninth waterfall; self-control, which allowed us to truly die to our self so our testimonies would overcome.  The flow of the river continued until all of the waterfalls were so large, I could not tell one waterfall from the other as Father’s love flowed from His Throne to us.  All of the Fruit of the Spirit flow from His love.