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Unlocking the Promises of Your Lineage

During a recent night of prophetic worship and intercession Holy Spirit and the Host of Heaven flooded our Region. His Manifest Presence quickened seven year olds to dance before the Throne for two hours, while seventy some things danced in his Glory. Teenagers and twenty some things released prophetic revelations from Heaven; while prophetic artists “captured the sound” on canvas with revelation of where we were going with the Lord. New psalms were written and sung over us, and the Lord released His angels to dance over our Region and roll back the veil of darkness.

Throughout the evening the Lord was connecting generations in worship and revelation, when He spoke: “My Cross has unlocked the promises of your lineage which were trapped in your yesterday, and has released them to be fulfilled in your today. But the Blood of My Cross has also unlocked your tomorrows, so you can take the promises of the generations together with an exponential increase of the authority I ordained for each generation to walk in. You can go through the door to tomorrow with the authority to legislate Heaven into the Earth realm from the promises of your forefathers and the promises of today to release to the generations of tomorrow. I am showing you a new way of My Cross, which has always been there, but had to wait for such a time as this for My sons and daughters to understand they have all authority with Me to call the righteous past into the present, and propel it into My future.”

Yes, Lord! Do it again, and again, and again!