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Spirit of the Lord is, From the New Life

Richmond Futch is a prophetic artist from Rochester, NY. At a recent Reform Rochester Assembly Night of Prophetic Worship and Intercession, Richmond painted this image and interpreted what he was seeing in the sounds of worship.

“There is a lot of symbolism in this particular painting.  The Spirit said, ‘This is what I want people to hear.’  Basically, the background is gray; it represents mystery.  The ball represent the false self; the self we think we are.  The feather represents the true self; this is who God says we are.  In between this particular feather, there is a vein, a blood vein.  This is a drop of blood coming out of the feather on to the ball.  The ball usually encircles the ego; the materialism, pride, and things we do not think we need God for.  We build up an image of who we think we are, and who others see us to be; that is the true false self.  The true self is who God says you are; the Glory, the Spirit, His Presence, and worship!  All of this is entwined in the true self of who you are.  The false self will pass away; the true self will not.  This light (in the painting) is always shining on your true self.  When Jesus said, “It is finished,” He really meant it!  It is finished; everything you need is already here.  Many of us now are positioning ourselves to get back or go back to normal.  I am here to tell you there is no going back!  There is no going back!  There is no going back to normal!  The Earth is evolving, the Church is evolving; whether you understand or agree with that or not, I am only the messenger.  We can only go forward.  To go forward and to go with authority is to operate in the true self.  Allow the true self to guide the false self; you need some of these things.  Even though there are some which are negative, there is some good in the false self.  Because this is what has been put together, and you need this to basically navigate through life; your clothes, your cars, your house.  Just do not make this to be your god!  So truly, truly accept this and understand what God is saying.”