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Seven New Anointings

During a Regional night of prophetic worship and intercession last Friday evening, we were encouraged to lay down our old anointings from past seasons.  As we did so in worship, across the evening Holy Spirit began to release new anointings through the sounds of the instruments; equipping us in His new grace to war for His harvest.  Here is a transcript of the revelation surrounding each anointing.

As our brother was playing on the trumpet, the Lord said, “I have just released a fresh measure of My seer anointing into My Bride.  I am releasing the ability to see in the generations the things which I am doing.  Receive My ability to see by My Spirit, and understand before things happen; so you can proclaim the Sovereignty of Who I Am.”

The Lord just released two more anointings; one through the cello.  The cello just released the katartizō anointing.  We get the word chiropractor from katartizō; it is the rearranging anointing.  The Lord is anointing us to be able to speak to things which are out of order, to come back into order.  So receive the katartizō anointing from the Lord, so you can speak to what is disordered, and is controlled by chaos and confusion, to come back into Father’ Divine order.

The third anointing is connected with katartizō; it is the lift anointing which came out of the saxophone.  When we are in proper order we will have anointing to overcome the law of lift to be able to be exalted into the heavenlies, lifted up into the heavenlies; because we have allowed Him to put our heart back in right standing an place Him.  He will lift us to the place where we can see above the battle, and we can release His revelation from above the battle or beyond the battle into the place where the army of the Lord needs to go.

We have now three new anointings to walk in.

Listen to the drums, an anointing is being released.  The Lord says, “I am releasing My array anointing into the Body of Christ; where you will no longer be out of alignment. You will no longer be in a place of weakness, but I will put you into the righteous array to become My army in the Earth realm.  I will release you to the place where you are now properly positioned next to the one who has the weapons you need to supplement your weapons, and next to the one who needs your weapons to supplement the weapons they have.  I will place you next to those who have anointing you will never have, so when you are in right array with Me the combined Glory of My Spirit will flow through My sons and My daughters.  Hear the anointing coming through the drums, so you can get into right array with Me.”

Let the bass prophesy!  The Lord released the seer anointing.  He released the katartizō anointing.  He released the lift anointing.  He released the array anointing, but from the depth of the River, He is releasing a breaker anointing.  It is not the breaker you have known before.  It is the authority of His Word in your mouth that will release a new breaker anointing.  When you move in the sound of what Heaven is speaking into the Earth realm, there will be an authoritative breaker anointing upon your voice, and you will know Adonai-Parats as your companion; the One Who is the Breaker and goes before you.  There will be a newness of life which comes out of the depth of the River, because you broke through those spirits of death which were holding dry bones captive.  There is now new life coming out of the breaker anointing.

There are seven anointings being released tonight; the first five have been released.  The first five are warfare anointings.  The sixth and the seventh are harvest anointings.  The seer anointing, the katartizō anointing, the lift anointing, the array anointing, and the breaker anointing will allow you to position the realities you face into the reality Father wants to draw the harvest out of.  Your warfare is not just to defeat the enemy, darkness, it is to prepare the place where the people will see a great light, and be drawn to the King of Glory.

What I was hearing in Sue’s clarinet was a call to the Truth.  There is a calling out of the Lord for the world to hear the Truth.  For us to be able to take the Truth and give it so it will be heard. (Kacey Hauck)

So the Lord released to us anointings for warring.  He released the seer anointing, the katartizō anointing, the lift anointing, the array anointing, and the breaker anointing; and what Kacey saw, He said to me was the stillness anointing.  “I am releasing a stillness anointing upon My sons and daughters, so they will be able to rightly discern Truth from a lie.  They will no longer be seduced or beguiled; for they will learn to rest and be still in My Presence.  Even in the midst of warfare times, they will learn to rest, to be still, so they can hear the Truth and I can manifest it in their heart so they can speak Truth in such a way it will set captives free.”

Listen to the intimacy of the keyboard now.

The Lord says, “I have taken you fill circle.  For I gave you the seer anointing afresh; I gave you the katartizō anointing afresh; I gave you the lift anointing afresh; I gave you the array anointing afresh; and I gave you the breaker anointing afresh, so you could war for the harvest.  But I gave you the stillness anointing, so you could hear Me in the midst of everything; so I could release what I just released through the keys, the intimacy anointing.  For I am bringing My Bride into a time of intimacy with Me which She has not known since I walked the Earth,” says the Lord.  “And I will astound the men in the Body of Christ with the intimacy of My Presence in their lives.  They will hear with a heart which is no longer wounded or looking for father; they will know Me and they will know My Father.  They will hear out of the intimacy of our relationship.  I will take the daughters of My Kingdom into a deeper place of intimacy, where they will also be able to hear and see and experience the strategies of Heaven for the harvest ahead.  For harvest is upon My heart in this season, and I will gather My harvest through those who are intimate and still before Me.  I will use them to war against darkness, and out of intimate revelation I will use them to touch places which have not been before for My Glory.  I will tear down barriers and strongholds of darkness, because you are intimate with Me.  You will not run at it, but you will walk to the wall and you will do exactly what I did at Jericho, and when I tell you to shout, you will shout the shout of intimacy and you will see barriers buried into the ground.  No longer will demonic strongholds be able to resist My Bride who is intimate with Me; for you will carry My Spirit, My Presence and My Father,” says the Lord.