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Apostolic Intercessors Network (AIN) prepares the way for you to achieve your destiny and prosper in each of the Seven Mountains to which the Lord has called you.



The first step to walking in the victories attained through relational apostolic and prophetic intercession is requesting a Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM) with Apostolic Intercessors Network. Upon receiving your request for a SPM, AIN’s Leadership seeks the Lord to determine who should be the AIN Team Advisor and Team Director with the experience and prayer anointings to meet with you. Whether the SPM is held at your site or digitally, the Team Advisor and Team Director will meet with you to discern what prayer giftings are required to successfully intercede for breakthrough and advancement across the scope of your spheres of influence. Your Team size is also agreed upon with you, your Team Advisor and Team Director during the SPM; sometimes you may consider having multiple AIN Teams to provide the focused intercession for the pinpointed needs identified during the SPM. The Strategic Planning Meetings are also opportunities for you and/or your family to receive personal ministry from the Team Leaders. Occasionally you may experience that the Strategic Planning Meeting provided the apostolic and prophetic mentoring you were searching for.




AIN Intercessors are held accountable to a very high level of integrity. Every AIN Member pays a monthly membership fee to receive training and mentoring, and for the opportunity to be selected as a compensated member of an AIN Client’s Team. The full details for AIN Membership can be obtained through the contact us link. One requirement for AIN Membership is each Intercessor has to review and assess their personal prayer gifts, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses associated with twelve types of intercession found in the Bible.

At the conclusion of the Strategic Planning Meeting, the AIN Team Advisor and Team Director will meet to debrief and share the revelations they gained during the SPM. They will also review the three primary prayer gifts they discerned each Intercessor must have to ensure the AIN Team you hire is best equipped to leverage the heavens and gain breakthrough for you. The AIN Team Advisor and Team Director will also discuss the next three prayer gifts desirable to have in the “gift mix” on your AIN Team. The larger the Team or Teams the greater the opportunity to get more intercessory gifts working on your behalf. After reviewing the AIN database for those Intercessors who match the determined criteria, the Team Advisor and Team Director seek the Lord as to which Intercessors should be invited to pray for you. Most AIN Teams are in place and praying for the Client within 48 hours of concluding the Strategic Planning Meeting.



Once the AIN Team begins praying, the AIN Team Director is your primary contact with AIN. Your AIN Team members will be anonymous to you. Only your Team Leaders and AIN Leadership will know who is on your Team. This helps to insure confidentiality and the integrity of intercession.

Along with the Team Director, you determine the method and the frequency of your communications for gathering prayer requests. Every AIN Intercessor on the Team is required to provide a written summary of what they have prayed or have heard from the Lord for you that week. The AIN Team Director then submits a weekly Feedback Report to you.


Revelation and Prophecy


The word of the Lord and the timing of the Lord bring the anointing of the Lord and His anointing breaks the yoke! Whenever an AIN Intercessor receives a prophetic word, dream, vision, or revelation for you, the revelation is submitted to the Team Director. The Team Director determines if the revelation is applicable to your current needs. If so, the Team Director submits the revelation to the AIN Team Advisor for review and approval to release the revelation to you. If the revelation is beyond exhortation, edification and comfort, and is directional in nature or pertains to timing of issues for you, the AIN Team Advisor will submit the revelation to the AIN President to determine if and when the revelation should be shared with you. Through honoring the integrity of our prophetic gifts and the wise stewardship of His revelation over the years, we have seen the Lord move powerfully on behalf of AIN Clients.



AIN is a for-profit business, and we use our profits to sow financially into Kingdom expanding ministries around the world. As a business, we hold our AIN Teams accountable for Measurable Results. We overcome by our testimonies, but successful businesses grow on measurable results. Twice each year the AIN Team Directors are required to submit the Measurable Results and Testimonies for their AIN Clients. These results are reviewed by the AIN Apostolic Leadership Team, and the Measurable Results without Client information are reviewed with our Board of Directors. Only with a Client’s permission, and without names, is a Measurable Result or Testimony shared outside of AIN.


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From government officials, to academic researchers, to new business start-ups, to international ministry leaders, to public figures, to small business owners, family leaders and Kingdom-minded individuals, AIN Clients are secure in the confidentiality and integrity provided through the professional level intercession of their Apostolic Intercessors Network Team.

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Transformation of society has always been on the heart of God. In order to transform nations, we need to capture and rule the Seven Mountains that shape every nation’s culture. The Seven Mountains that influence society are family, religion,  government, education, media, arts & entertainment and business.




Apostolic intercessors shift from petitioning God  to officially announcing, declaring and decreeing what God has promised He will do. Systematic, powerful, anointed  intercession paves the way for those in the workplace. Results are receiving the revelation of God’s purposes, plans, strategies, and removing obstacles hindering advancement.




AIN provides intercessory prayer teams on a contractual fee basis. The first step is setting up a Strategic Planning meeting with an Advisor and Team Director to analyze your needs and goals. Clients have the option of meeting in person or by Skype. Following the meeting we will provide you with a custom designed prayer strategy proposal that includes hiring a team of intercessors.




Find how others got help and imagine how this could help you

My AIN Prayer Team is great! Since they have been praying for my business we have seen record after record fall! In August we received a $500K order, which to date was our largest gross profit on one deal. Then is September we had our best five day period for commissions ever! We realized over $200K of gross profit from three deals, and we had over $1.15M in sales over these five working days.
Business Owner
I purchased a business and had to place bids to purchase inventory – something I had never done before! I asked our AIN Team to pray I would have favor in the auction. I won 48% of the bids I placed, and we purchased over $750K of inventory for under $20K. Wow!
Business Owner
My son is attending college in Florida. With the hurricane bearing down on his city, he was without a car and there were no seats available for him on the last flight to leave town for a safe place. I asked my AIN Team for urgent prayer for my son, and they told me to tell my son to go to the airport. By the time he got to the airport, my son was able to get a seat on the last plane for $100, and he made it safely to Texas!
International Mother
After requesting additional income for his law firm, our client reported a quick turnaround. The firm was able to pick up an additional $5000 from courts and clients in one week.
We just had the largest single day (Saturday) and record three day (Fri, Sat, Sun) attendance and revenue weekend in the history of the resort. The possibilities for God to bless us beyond what we imagine were on full display. Facilities and people were stretched beyond capacity but overall everything worked pretty well.
Company Owner
When our client’s daughter was 2 1/2 months old, she was paralyzed in a car accident. She is 5 now. She has always been fed by a feeding tube and refused to try to eat by mouth. Since we have been praying for her she has started eating by mouth and she has tried swallowing, too!
My daughter-in-law needed back surgery, but the surgery required her cardiologist to clear her for the procedure. I asked my AIN Team to pray for favor with the cardiologist and with the insurance company because the surgeon was not on her plan’s coverage. Within three days the cardiologist approved the procedure and the surgeon agreed to cover her procedure at the rate her insurance will cover – about 30% of his normal fee!
My local insurance office has a “B Rating.” In order for this business to grow I asked my AIN Team to pray our office would be able to do everything necessary to achieve an “A Rating.” By the end of the month we received a “AA Rating”! What a Team!!!
Small Business Owner
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