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Conquering the Religious Spirit


Author: Tommi Femrite



Often working as a counterfeit to the Holy Spirit, the religious spirit is perhaps the greatest threat we face to personal, family, territorial, national and global revival. It is one the enemy’s most trustworthy cohorts in derailing Christians from God’s path, bogging them down in mindsets of complacency, legalism, control, pride and hypocrisy. The religious spirit can steal your joy, quench your gifts, silence your voice and destroy your relationships.Despite all this, Christians tend to underestimate or misunderstand the pervasive damage this spirit can cause both in the Church and in their own lives—mainly because in-depth teaching has been hard to come by.Conquering the Religious Spirit takes an insightful look at the religious spirit, helping you understand how it operates against you by stealing, killing and destroying as much of God’s work as it can. This book will help you recognize the warning signs of a religious spirit at work and provide the tools you need to defeat it within yourself and to help others walk in enduring freedom.


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