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  • How to Reclaim Society through Prayer
    Author: Tommi Femrite
    If we as Christians accept the evil of this world as both inevitable and beyond our control, we lose our desire to fight it. This is exactly where the devil wants us: apathetic, ineffective and conquered. Author and veteran prayer leader Tommi Femrite offers winning strategies to help prayer warriors defeat Satan’s forces and reclaim each of the Seven Mountains of society: Family, Religion, Government, Business, Education, Arts and Entertainment, and Media. Her powerful insight will help intercessors appreciate their value and understand their mission, while her targeted prayers will empower them to stand in the gap for those ascending each mountain. Invading the Seven Mountains with Intercession will inspire you to reclaim your world for the kingdom of God
  • Discover your Prayer Power
    Author: Tommi Femrite, Elizabeth Alves and Karen Kaufman
    Pray From Your Strengths!
    Sadly, many who are called to be great prayer warriors never discover their calling because they are too busy eyeing with envy the fruit of other people's prayers. The fact is each of us is on a mission from God, and we have been equipped by the Lord to carry out our assignments using the incredible power of prayer. Whether you are a "list" pray-er, a warfare pray-er, a personal intercessor--any of at least a dozen prayer specialties --every Christian has a piece of God's heart to pray and His power to carry to a lost and dying world. This book will help you to discover your prayer personality and utilize your own unique, God-given strength as a part of a complete, integrated prayer strategy. You will discover how you can be most effective in praying for your family, your friends and neighbors, your church, your city, and your nation.
  • Restoring the Church to Our Covenant Roots
    Author: Dr. Robert D. Heidler
    The Church is rising up in a power and glory we have not witnessed since the first century. The Lor is inviting you to be part of that restoration. This book has revival within its pages. I t will show you how to regain the blessing of your lost inheritance! Once you see the root you are grafted into, the power of the Life of that root springs forth in you. You will bear fruit!
  • The Apostolic Church Advancing
    Author: Robert Heidler and Chuck D. Pierce
    A New Era Begins
    We have not just entered a new season, but a new era in the Kingdom of God. In a new era, we have a new identity. The key to developing your new identity is knowing who the Lord says you are. Therefore, it is imperative that we understand the difference between Kingdom and Church. We have crossed into a n era of Kingdom advancing and the apostolic church moving into a new dimension. A Triumphant Kingdom will help you move past last season's building plan and into the future.
  • Author: Elizabeth Alves
    In this classic, bestselling book, international prayer leader Elizabeth Alves reveals how to pray with more passion, power and authority. With disarming simplicity and clarity, she shows how the most effective prayer happens when we partner with God in His Kingdom work. You'll discover the vital role and purpose God has for you--and how you can release His will on earth. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned intercessor, this complete, practical guide will transform your prayer life, equip you with wisdom and time-tested strategies and propel you to pray more powerfully in the battles to come