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We are living in a season in which Father is shaking everything which can be shaken, and in the midst of the shakings He is exposing His enemies and releasing strategies for His sons and daughters to walk in Jesus’ victory for the great harvest of souls.  Here is one such strategy.

A Way to Pray

Use the authority of your voice for breakthrough by applying the Blood of Jesus to defeat qeteb and reverse its affects.

In the Name and by the Blood of the Cross of Jesus Christ, I break the power of qeteb off of anyone who is dealing with any form of covid 19 or covid whatever number they want to call it, or whatever alpha numeric name they want to call it.  I say, qeteb you have been defeated by the Blood of the Cross of Jesus Christ, and you have no authority in their bodies.  You have no authority any more.  I say qeteb break your hold off them and come out now!  Your hold is broken now!  I decree healing over their bodies, over their sinuses, over their brains.  I say no more brain fog!  I say qeteb you must go!  I say no more sinus and throat problems; qeteb you must go!  I say no more digestive problems; qeteb you must go!  I say no more affecting the spleen, the liver and the kidneys; qeteb you must go!  I say intestines are healed; qeteb you must go, you have no authority and no place in them!  I command qeteb to go, and I say in its place the healing and the abundant life Jesus won on the Cross now be made manifest in and through their bodies.  Father, I say, let Your Glory be made manifest to and through Your sons and daughters.  Send them to be Your ambassadors, and to take authority over this spirit which has tried to seduce, beguile and lie to those around them.  I decree life and abundant life, in the Name of Jesus.