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New Anointing For Harvest

Our worship led us into a powerful time of prophetic release as Holy Spirit ministered to His sons and daughters, and brought revelation on how we can overcome hope deferred to walk in new anointings He was releasing to His Bride.


The Lord says, “My Bride has put her hope on the things of the world and not on the things which are unshakeable.  I am about to do a shaking in the Earth that will surprise many,” says the Lord.  “It will rattle even the foundational truths which were not based upon the Truth of My Word.  It will shake those things which were not founded in My love and they were the doctrines of men and they were not the Word I gave men to live by.  Know I am about to surprise many with the things that I do.  Those who have founded their hope upon Me will know whatever I do will lead them to the Tree of Life.  They will no longer succumb to the whispers, the situations and the circumstances swirling around them; for they will see in the midst of the storm I have them in My eye.  Know, My son and My daughter, I have made you to be vessels of grace.  I have made you to be vessels of Truth.  I have made you to be vessels of love.  When you allow Me to express love and grace and truth through you, you will see the harvest run to be received into My Kingdom.  Know I am about to put new mantles on those who will walk by faith and not by sight.  You will see things look like dark of night but I will bring the brightness of the light of day, and there will be a way that no one has known before.  It will come from deep within your heart, and your voice will set captives free.  I am bringing a new anointing for deliverance.  I am bringing a new anointing for freedom.  I am bringing a new anointing for a harvest based upon trust in Me,” says the Lord.