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In our worship last night, the Lord spoke

In our worship last night, the Lord spoke the following:

And the Spirit of the Lord would say, “I am shifting and changing and rearranging the wineskin. And I am changing the way My sons and daughters will worship Me. There will be a new level of worship and intercession from the secret place and in the corporate gatherings. For I am about to pour out the new wine of My Presence,” says the Lord, “and the old ways and the old structures cannot contain that which I am about to do in and through My sons and My daughters. I am calling those who will pursue Me to come up to a new level. For I have opened Heaven and I have made the way for My sons and daughters who will worship Me in spirit and truth to enter into the Glory of My Presence and to be vessels who will carry the Glory of My Presence from their secret place into their workplace, and into their shopping place, and into the place of play. You have asked Me for signs and wonders, and in this new season, I am going to make you to be a sign and a wonder,” says the Lord. “As you arise in worship, I will cause you to shine with My Glory, and you will radiate throughout the day because you will have heard My voice, you will have seen My face, you will have experienced and felt My Presence. I am about to whisper Divine appointments and assignments into your heart,” says the Lord. “And some of you will harden your heart as your forefathers did in the wilderness, being caught up with the routine of the day. But there are those who will turn their ear aside to Me. And they will hear and their eye will see, and they will know the Divine appointment that I have for them that will arise in the midst of their day. And the anointing of My Presence will be there and the power of My Word will manifest My Glory. I will touch the lives of those to whom I send you. They will be broken by My Spirit and healed by My Word. They will be restored to Me,” says the Lord. “The miracle I cause you to be, and the sign and the wonder, will cause them to return to the One Who knit them together in their mother’s womb. Know I am about to do a new work,” says the Lord. “I will take your worship and your intercession to new levels. I will anoint it with My Presence and I will endue it with My power,” says the Lord.