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Happy New!

Any time you encounter Jesus, worship goes to a higher level! Ask for fresh encounters with Jesus throughout this year. 5773, Ayin Gimel, “The Year of the Camel,” is a time to make it through your narrow places and into your future. When camels come, joyful praise is released, (Isaiah 60:1-6) As we move into 2013 and prepare to cross the bridge into our promises, our personal and corporate worship become even more important.

One of the Gimel words that moves us forward this year, giyl, is found in I Chronicles 16:31, meaning properly to spin around (under the influence of any violent emotion), that is to rejoice, be glad, or be joyful. We must come to a new level of praise this year! Remember, praise releases provision! To move forward effectively, there can be no judgment in your heart over the sound of worship (which is a manifestation of the religious spirit)! Worship is a governmental force in the Earth. (Matthew 11:12; Psalm 22:3) Only the people of God, praising and rejoicing in Him, can shift the atmosphere.