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Contact AIN and we will email you information about scheduling a Strategic Planning Meeting.

Yes, we do charge a one-time Strategic Planning Meeting fee and monthly intercessory prayer fees after your Team is established. AIN’s fees are based on the number of intercessors on your Prayer Team. It is important to remember AIN creates a custom-designed proposal for each Client based on their needs. AIN will set up a Strategic Planning Meeting at your location to define those needs. The AIN Advisor and Team Director will meet with you. Along with the Strategic Planning Meeting fee, you are required to pay the travel expenses for the Advisor and Team Director. If we are unable to meet in person we will meet with you by a virtual meeting platform. After the Strategic Planning Meeting, an Intercessory Prayer Services Agreement will be submitted to you with recommendations for your Prayer Team.

To maintain confidentiality, you will only communicate with your Team Director. The Team Director will relay all prayer requests from you to the Team Members. Likewise, the Team Director will communicate any prayer responses from your Team back to you. The Teams do not meet together to pray for you. Each Intercessor prays privately for you which results in receiving a pure Word of God. AIN’s mandate is to bring integrity back to intercession.

Our Teams pray as they are led and until an answer from God is received. Prayer for you is need-based and not by the hour.

The apostolic prophetic Intercessors are selected from AIN’s professional member database. Each Intercessor’s combination of prayer anointings, training and experience along with your prayer needs are considered when selecting your Team.

Our AIN Intercessor Application Form collects extensive information on an applicant’s background, intercessory gift mix, intercessory training and experience, work experience, and ministry experience. Personal references must also be submitted for each applicant four our review and follow-up. All Intercessors new to AIN are required to work as an Intern with a seasoned AIN Leader for six months for mentoring and training. At the end of the six month period, the AIN Leader recommends whether the Intercessor should be permitted to pray with compensation for AIN Clients