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Confrontation and Confluence

Firstfruits for Av 5779 found us worshiping at the head of the Seneca River, and Holy Spirit spoke a word describing the times of Nisan 5784.

“Know this will be a month of confrontation and confluence.  Where I Am, the point where things merge together, My Sons and Daughters will be able to stand against everything confronting them.  I will allow them to confront the wisdom of man and the failing knowledge of the world, and I will bring together unlikely streams of grace.  They will merge and become a brook, and unlikely Brooks of Glory will merge and become a creek.  I will cause creeks to come to the place of confluence in My Presence and become a river, and I will bring those things that were even ancient streams of Glory back to life as I merge them in confluence to the River of My Spirit.  I will cause the world to begin to exalt itself in confrontation against what My Spirit is doing.  Those who have learned to rest and hide themselves in Me and allow Me to bring them to the place of confluence with grace and Glory, I will give them the ability to war with their words and watch the world unravel.  I will give them the strategies of My Throne Room to call what is precious in the world into its redemptive purpose in My Kingdom.  I will bring confrontation in the streets; I will bring confrontation in the cities; I will bring confrontation in the schools; I will bring confrontation in every aspect of the culture.  Those who know Me as Jehovah Shalom will be in the confluence of My Presence and the River of Peace will flow out of them to speak into troubled situations.  I AM giving My sons and daughters all authority to allow My hand upon their hearts to move their mouths, not in judgment, not in condemnation, but in a release of love which will cause a greater confluence to come out of the confrontation.”

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