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About Us

Our History

Apostolic Intercessors Network (AIN) provides professional level intercession enabling you to shift into the Lord’s timing and realize acceleration, multiplication and increase in measurable goals. For over a decade AIN has linked Kingdom minded leaders in each of the Seven Mountains of Culture with apostolic and prophetic intercessors who are committed to open the way for our Clients around the world to fulfill their destiny and see their society transformed.
  • Formation

    AIN began in 2005 with prophetic words spoken over Tommi Femrite, founder of GateKeepers International, Inc. These words were implemented with approval of the GateKeepers International Board of Directors, and on March 12, 2007, Apostolic Intercessors Network, LLC was officially organized as a division of GateKeepers International. AIN’s first client was signed in November 2007
  • Expension

    To assist with expansion and leading AIN, the Apostolic Leadership Team (ALT) comprised of Tommi Femrite – President, Ralph Femrite – Vice President of Finance, Al Hauck – Vice President of Clients/Teams, Norma Johnson – Vice President of Members and Dianne Emmons – Chief Operations Officer was formed in 2013.
  • Reformation

    For personal reasons, Ralph and Tommi Femrite decided to retire from their ALT positions in September 2014. With C. Peter Wagner’s approval, a proposal was discussed and accepted by Al Hauck to purchase AIN as a division of Friend of God Ministries, Inc. effective October 1, 2014.

    The ALT was redesigned to include Al Hauck – President, Norma Johnson – Vice President, Dianne Emmons – Chief Operations Officer and Tommi Femrite – Founding Apostle.
  • Continuation

    The scope of AIN services continues to expand and our Intercessory Teams have reached all Seven Mountains of Society. AIN Intercessory Teams comprised of Team Advisors, Team Directors and Professional Intercessors have served Clients across six continents.
    We are available to assist you in achieving God’s call on your life, realizing your passion and bringing your goals to fulfillment.

Ways We Can Assist You

We provide relational apostolic and prophetic Intercessory Teams tailored to your needs, enabling you to hear strategies more clearly, gain revelation for implementation, and accelerate the pace of attaining your goals.

We provide Strategic Level Intercession to prophetically lock down boundaries important to your success. In order to successfully expand your borders naturally and spiritually, it is important to steward well what is currently entrusted to you. Application of Biblical principles pertaining to high level spiritual warfare will enable you to attain things which were previously unattainable or perpetually delayed in the past.

We also can assist with application of spiritual principles for breakthrough, multiplication and increase. The Bible is the Manufacturer’s Handbook, and contains truths or knowledge for growth, prosperity and success. Understanding is the interpretation of those truths, and the ability to apply those truths in our daily lives is wisdom. We can assist you in moving from knowledge to understanding and ultimately to moving in wisdom to achieve success in every aspect of life.

We walk in prophetic accountability to ensure timing and anointing manifest breakthrough on your behalf. The Word of the Lord and the timing of the Lord bring the anointing of the Lord, and it is His anointing that breaks the yoke! Words spoken and revelation released outside of the “fullness of time” cause people to miss opportunities and overlook Divine connections. When presented to you in the timeframe in which you need to take action, prophetic revelation unlocks resources and strategies for overcoming blockades on the path to your destiny.

We provide weekly prayer feedback enabling the power of agreement to facilitate traversing the gates on the path to fulfilling your destiny. Scripture reveals the start of a mathematical sequence demonstrating the exponential power of agreement (see Deuteronomy 32:30), which looks like:
Number in Agreement Number Put To Flight
1 1,000
2 10,000
4 100,000
8 1,000,000
16 10,000,000
32 100,000,000
64 1,000,000,000
Jesus said when two of you agree on Earth about anything they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father Who is in Heaven. (Matthew 18:19). Weekly prayer feedback allows you to come into agreement and see Heaven touch Earth on your behalf.

Continuing education to equip and sharpen you in the application of Truth in every sphere of your life enables you to grow and prosper. We live in an era with technology changing every three to six months, and successful people continue to grow and advance by avoiding technical obsolescence. To not grow is to die!

We offer both online and onsite apostolic and prophetic mentoring sessions to bring fresh perspective on the issues confronting you. Although onsite sessions facilitate a greater level of discernment and the fruit of relationship, the less expensive online sessions provide a venue for one time or ongoing mentoring relationships. Just as Jesus always sent disciples out two by two, and whether we meet with you online or onsite, our mentoring sessions will always include two of AIN’s leaders.

Leadership Team

Apostolic Intercessors Network is a Kingdom-minded business connecting professional level workplace intercessors with businesses, families and individuals around the world.
Vice President of Operations

Dianne Emmons has worked for AIN since its founding in 2007. She has over eighteen years of business experience in software development, installation and training. Dianne has held positions in customer service and personnel management. She has multiple giftings in executive level office management and accounting. Dianne’s attention to detail insures a work of excellence.


Al Hauck prepares believers to be effective ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace. With a PhD in Chemistry and a doctorate in Practical Ministry, Al has a varied and accomplished background. He has worked in each of the Seven Mountains that mold culture. Serving in ministry for over thirty years, Al and his wife Kacey co-founded Friend of God Ministries, ministering internationally to expand the Kingdom of God. Al serves as lead minister at Shepherd’s Heart Christian Fellowship in Greece, New York.

Vice President

Norma Johnson worked in the banking industry for twenty years and was a professor of finance at Oklahoma City Community College. She serves as a Director and Trainer for a leading cosmetic company and believes that marketplace ministry is the place of outpouring for today. Norma’s passion is to see nations shift through intercession for the Kingdom. Norma has been in ministry for over 40 years, founded Beyond Restoration Ministries, and is Senior Pastor at The Glory Barn, Oklahoma City, OK. She is a certified Biblical counselor through Vine Life Ministries.

Get in Touch

From government officials, to academic researchers, to new business start-ups, to international ministry leaders, to public figures, to small business owners, family leaders and Kingdom-minded individuals, AIN Clients are secure in the confidentiality and integrity provided through the professional level intercession of their Apostolic Intercessors Network Team. You can start your relationship with AIN by contacting us today.