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2022 AIN Annual Meeting: Building a Solid Foundation for Declaration

Register now for the 2022 AIN Annual Meeting: Building a Solid Foundation for Declaration to be held at Global Spheres Center in Solomon’s Porch in Corinth, Texas, on May 13th and 14th.

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What Is Apostolic Intercessors Network?


Fulfilling your righteous call and destiny in any aspect of culture is a serious venture. Whether you are called to lead a family, run a business or ministry, train generations to think creatively, or transform a nation, your personal passion requires consistent strategic intervention in the heavenlies to open the way for breakthroughs.

Apostolic Intercessors Network (AIN) provides professional level intercession enabling you to shift into the Lord’s timing and realize acceleration, multiplication and increase in measurable goals. For over a decade AIN has linked Kingdom minded leaders in each of the Seven Mountains of Culture with apostolic and prophetic intercessors who are committed to open the way for our Clients around the world to fulfill their destiny and see their society transformed.


What is Professional Level Apostolic Intercession?

Leaders from around the world are discovering the value of having intercessors for their personal lives and businesses. AIN rises to the challenge of identifying and developing intercessory prayer teams custom tailored to your personal needs and goals. Apostolic Intercession functions relationally, connecting Heaven and Earth, to accelerate attaining the tipping points required for personal and corporate breakthroughs.



Find how others got help and imagine how this could help you

After requesting additional income for his law firm, our client reported a quick turnaround. The firm was able to pick up an additional $5000 from courts and clients in one week.
We just had the largest single day (Saturday) and record three day (Fri, Sat, Sun) attendance and revenue weekend in the history of the resort. The possibilities for God to bless us beyond what we imagine were on full display. Facilities and people were stretched beyond capacity but overall everything worked pretty well.
Company Owner
When our client’s daughter was 2 1/2 months old, she was paralyzed in a car accident. She is 5 now. She has always been fed by a feeding tube and refused to try to eat by mouth. Since we have been praying for her she has started eating by mouth and she has tried swallowing, too!
My two offices were not meeting our goals for patient visits. With prayer from my AIN Team our office visits increased 275% in three months and we are on target!
Medical Doctor
My productivity and referrals were among the top for our firm, but I was not receiving compensatory raises. After my AIN Team interceded, I was made the highest paid attorney in the firm.
I have been trying to purchase property adjoining our clinic to provide more parking for our clients, but there has been much opposition. After a year of intercession, not only were barriers removed, we purchased the desired property for an incredibly low price! Thank you AIN Team!
Clinic Owner
During a call with my business partner and investors, I asked my AIN Team to pray due to a party in the $8M negotiation being “non-responsive.” My AIN Team Director discerned the issue and told me to bless the “non-responsive” person. The next morning we received the signed contract for $8M.
Business Investor
My son was diagnosed with liver failure, but he was listed as not being a good candidate for a liver transplant. My AIN Prayer Team stood with me, things began to change for my son, and he after six months he was placed on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Three months later my son came home from the hospital with a new liver!
One of my business partners tried to use a court case to take a $7M piece of my property to develop his adjoining property. After five months of prayer the judge ruled in my favor, ordered my partner to pay the court costs, and the judge awarded me a penalty payment from my partner.
International Businessman



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