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2024 AIN Annual Meeting: Warring from His Presence

Register now for the 2024 AIN Annual Meeting: Warring From His Presence to be held at Global Spheres Center in Solomon’s Porch in Corinth, Texas, on May 3rd and 4th. Learn More…

What Is Apostolic Intercessors Network?

Fulfilling your righteous call and destiny in any aspect of culture is a serious venture. Whether you are called to lead a family, run a business or ministry, train generations to think creatively, or transform a nation, your personal passion requires consistent strategic intervention in the heavenlies to open the way for breakthroughs.

Apostolic Intercessors Network (AIN) provides professional level intercession enabling you to shift into the Lord’s timing and realize acceleration, multiplication and increase in measurable goals. For over a decade AIN has linked Kingdom minded leaders in each of the Seven Mountains of Culture with apostolic and prophetic intercessors who are committed to open the way for our Clients around the world to fulfill their destiny and see their society transformed.

What is Professional Level Apostolic Intercession?

Leaders from around the world are discovering the value of having intercessors for their personal lives and businesses. AIN rises to the challenge of identifying and developing intercessory prayer teams custom tailored to your personal needs and goals. Apostolic Intercession functions relationally, connecting Heaven and Earth, to accelerate attaining the tipping points required for personal and corporate breakthroughs.


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